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    Selection techniques of poplar furniture
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      Poplar wood furniture purchase skills are the following aspects:

      1, poplar wood furniture production quality

      Mainly to see the quality of its cutting saw, side, surface decoration quality and quality of the port board. When buying furniture decorative pattern, we should pay attention to the natural and smooth wood grain pattern, do not have artificial feeling, for the purchase of symmetrical furniture, but also pay attention to the symmetry board color, line consistency and harmony, people feel Symmetrical plates are like a piece of material.

      2, poplar wood furniture material

      Different age of poplar furniture prices are different, the value is different in the purchase should pay attention to the new or old.

      3, poplar wood furniture technology

      Hand touched the surface of boxwood furniture is smooth, whether there are uneven or barbed and other foreign bodies.

      4, poplar wood furniture is environmentally friendly

      At present, there are harmful substances in furniture is mainly wood-based panels and adhesives in the release of free formaldehyde, and furniture paint in the soluble lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury.

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