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    Advantages and disadvantages of poplar furniture
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      Furniture is an indispensable thing in our lives, but a variety of furniture materials, there are birch, pine, ash, oak furniture, etc., then we know that the advantages and disadvantages of poplar wood furniture which? Industry for you a brief introduction:

      Poplar furniture advantages:

      1, boxwood wood toughness, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance; hardness and moderate intensity, suitable for carving, general carved relief can adapt.

      2, boxwood heart sapwood obvious distinction, sapwood is dark yellow, dark purple heartwood material.

      3, Boxwood wood texture accessible, planing smooth, chord face pattern beautiful, with a similar "boxwood" pattern. Wood by plastic, carved lacquer painting, can produce exquisite carved lacquer crafts.

      4, China's boxwood furniture to Ming-based models, modeling concise, smooth lines, elegant and elegant style. Ming-style furniture, modest, simple and affordable, partial decoration is appropriate.

      Aspen wood furniture shortcomings:

      1, Boxwood wood has new and old points, easy to deformation, love long worms, contraction is serious shortcomings of new boxwood furniture; and old boxwood shortcomings in some places there will be old insect eyes, old cracking, old tenon eyes.

      2, drying room in the dry boxwood is not easy to crack the furniture, but the boxwood is not easy to dry, and now there are many boxwood on the market for the cost of wood or equipment, there are many problems, the drying of wood is not in place, so the production Out of the boxwood furniture is prone to cracking and deformation.

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