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    Factors affecting the natural drying of wood
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      Affect the natural drying of wood for many factors, usually can be divided into the following three aspects:

      1. Air temperature and humidity

      Natural drying utilizes natural air temperature, humidity, and air movement. Natural drying, wood evaporation of water required by the natural supply of natural, so the weather and weather have a significant impact on natural drying. Such as winter and summer, as well as different regions of the climate, the drying rate is also different. Another example is the winter and summer, as well as various regions of the different climate, the drying rate is also different; and if the rainy or wet days, the drying rate is relatively slow. Although the winter climate is dry, but the temperature is low, it is very little water evaporation, especially when the water freeze, the internal water to stop moving, then the drying stalled. Although the temperature is high during the rainy season, but suitable for fungal propagation; summer by the sun exposure, due to rapid drying and prone to cracks; climate should be selected when the wet well ventilated place or appropriate ventilation of the implementation of wood drying. Therefore, the natural drying must pay attention to the local temperature, humidity and wind strength, at the beginning of the need to make the appropriate choice, and according to the weather conditions to install the necessary facilities for assistance.

      In the rainy season began to dry, not very suitable. If the rainy season when the outer layer has been dried to a certain extent, is better. Wood drying and drying need six months or even a year, in the spring two or three months to dry more appropriate, when the temperature is slightly higher, and the occurrence of fungi is quite small, slow evaporation of water in the wood until the warm season, To a certain extent, during the rainy season, due to wood moisture content has been small, pest decay and the risk of discoloration to the summer, although the temperature is high, while the humidity is also high, so no risk of cracks, but good Drying conditions.

      2. Stacking direction and wind direction

      Natural dry wood, the accumulation of the surrounding is open, so the external dry quickly, slow internal drying. Therefore, the air circulation needs to be good, so that both inside and outside dry. In order to make the wood interior well ventilated, it is necessary to properly select the dunnage, and study the accumulation method. Ordinary wood and wind parallel accumulation, the effect is better. Therefore, the need to study the local wind direction, and then determine the direction of accumulation. If the wind is too strong, shall be covered by the wind surface. Air circulation and the terrain of the level and the surrounding state is quite related to the natural drying needs to be installed according to local conditions with the appropriate equipment.

      3. The impact of terrain and surrounding conditions

      If the terrain has a number of slopes, or good sand drainage, in such a foundation on the dry wood, the results are good. Poor drainage or wet areas, not only dry poor, and easy to multiply spoilage, timber vulnerable to damage, so the drainage of the foundation need to pay special attention. Surrounded by tall buildings, or surrounded by trees, or damp places, is not suitable for the implementation of natural drying, because dry in these places, only accumulation of dry outside, bottom and internal corruption will slowly; Foundation pad height, or wood spacing distance increases, the air is easy to flow, is conducive to wood drying. Dry field located in rural or mountain material, in terms of technical and economic than in the city favorable.

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