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    Solid wood furniture which is better choice of wood
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      Now because people 's quality of life is getting higher and higher, for the purchase of furniture also has a lot of requirements, and solid wood furniture because of environmental protection and health, so get everyone' s favorite for solid wood furniture material is very important, what kind of material Best, then the following hundred Italian wood industry in Qingdao and we talk about.

      First, the choice of furniture need to choose according to different needs, depending on the specific use of solid wood furniture, not necessarily all buy a timber, such as the table can use oak, because the table is generally eat, do not have to be too expensive Of wood.

      Second, the choice of desk or chair, we can choose a class of wood ash can be, because the desk and chair are generally learning and working time to use, wood is relatively hard as well, on their own waist And joints.

      Third, select the cabinet when we can choose a class of teak furniture, because this kind of furniture strong and durable, and have good preservation of goods around the teak itself is better corrosion resistance, is very suitable for a class of furniture cabinets, we can Consider the choice.

      Fourth, the choice of coffee table and a class of furniture, we can choose elm and poplar wood such material, because the table will generally put some tea tea, so the use of these wood is better, elm and poplar durable, Glue is also good.

      Fifth, in addition to some of the furniture at home can also choose camphor wood, camphor wood because of its moderate weight has a good flexibility, and camphor wood structure is very small, slightly some fragrance, when dry is not easy deformation, Do dresser is very good.

      Sixth, select the bed of wood is critical, because the bed to sleep related to everyone's health, according to the study found that hardwood bed is the best sleep material, we can choose the general wood bed with walnut, wood price comparison of this material Lower, expensive wood with mahogany and incense sandalwood bed.

      Seventh, we choose furniture do not blindly pursue the same color, in fact, solid wood furniture itself is a symbol of quality and health, solid wood furniture can not be exactly the same, even at the same time the same production of wood furniture Color is not exactly the same.

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