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    Brief Introduction of Pinus densiflora in Europe
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      Pinus sylvestris, mainly distributed in Europe and West Asia and other places, is more widely distributed, is a distribution in the West Great Britain and Iberian Peninsula, East Siberia and the Caucasus Mountains in the east, between North Lapland, a wide range of species. In the north, the height of its growth to sea level to 1000 meters above sea level, in the south Zeyi alpine plants show (1200-2500 meters). European Pinus densiflora fine, straight texture, after the anti-corrosion treatment, can effectively prevent termites, microbial invasion, can effectively inhibit the water in the wood, reducing the degree of wood cracking. Pinus densiflora is mainly distributed in summer and cool in winter and moderate precipitation in Europe and Asia. European pine is extremely rich in resources, is the main species of wood preservative.

      Qingdao Baiyi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a company which specializes in the importation of logs and plates from all over the world. It mainly imports white ash (Ash), high quality birch logs and plates, spruce logs, Pinus sylvestris logs, elm logs, Logs, New Zealand radiation pine, Australian pine, North American hemlock, Citigroup, Ukraine Pinus sylvestris, Romania spruce, European pine, white oak and other drying furniture wood. Imported timber volume of more than 100,000 cubic meters. The company directly in-depth and large-scale foreign forest directly to establish relations of cooperation import quality and cheap logs. Another Beijing branch in the capital Baiyi Wood (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Specializing in wood products processing, and made only a few of Beijing 's export fumigation qualification. Qingdao Baiyi Wood Industry Co., Ltd.in good faith-based principles welcome customers to negotiate.

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