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      Qingdao Baiyi Wood Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in importing countries logs and boards of companies, mainly import sales Ash (Ash), high-quality birch logs and lumber, spruce logs, Pinus sylvestris logs, elm wood, basswood wood, New Zealand radiata pine, Australian pine, hemlock North America, United States, Ukraine sylvestris, Romania spruce, Scots pine, white oak and other wood furniture drying. Imports more than 100,000 cubic meters of timber volume. Companies with large foreign direct in-depth partnerships Forest direct import cheap logs. Another set up branch Baiyi Wood (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in the capital Beijing, specializing in wood products processing, and has made only a few export fumigation Beijing qualification. Qingdao Baiyi Wood Co. in good faith principle welcome customers to negotiate.

    Add:Room 2405,Jiangshan Middle Road Huizhi Square ,Qingdao ETDZ Shandong Tel:0532-80981210 Fax:0532-80981210
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